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Hello as introduced my name is Danik. It’s great to have you here on my website. This page is more than just a showcase for some of my best work, it’s who I am. Since I was a young boy I loved to draw. Art has always been a channel for my crazy imagination. In my senior year of high school, I was introduced to the Adobe Creative Suite. I started my own personal projects on the internet. I filmed and edited my own videos, created vector graphics and digital drawings. I even had done some Web Design (baseline HTML and CSS). This is where my journey began throughout my life I have always been immersed in Art Graphic and Web Design.

For the past three years I have been studying (GWD) "Graphic & Web Design" at John Abbott College. The program has granted me the technical skills and knowledge I need to be successful. Throughout the course of the program, I have developed my own unique design style. My work is fueled by my illustration skills, use of contrast, typography, and my strong use of design principles. I always strive to create something unique, outside of the box with close attention to detail.

During the final semester of (GWD), I was on an internship at McGill University's Graphic Design Department. I am forever grateful I was able to work with such a talented creative team. I learned new valuable things and established great connections in the graphic design industry. Today I have graduated and I am currently working as a freelance Graphic Designer, Web Designer & Illustrator. My journey has only begun!

what I do

I specialize in Graphic Design, Illustration, and Front-end Web Design.

graphic design

logo & logotypes, branding, visual communication & more

web design

responsive design, html, css, php, & wordpress


traditional, digital & hand lettering

let's work together

I am prepared to work with you. Let's make your visionary project a reality.

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